Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonight's Sewing Status/To-Do List ---- Yeah I know I'm mental

Gold Stripe gown; ready for wool hem guard and eyelets
Black and Silver Doublet; arms ripped out, pile of scrap linen waiting for me to cut the arm extensions
White Quilted dress; bodice assembled - need to add velvet ribbon to front, cut skirt, attach, and hem
Black Pinstripe dress; primary construction finished, needs shoulder ribbons and front ties
Grey over-gown; just needs 2 trouser hooks and decorative button
White Coat 1 (men's late 1400's overcoat); draft pattern, cut fur, and assemble
White Coat 2 (capaletto); fabric ready press need to modify pattern for 44" fabric

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gift to me IF I complete IRCC

Moda a Firenze

I've been wanting this book for a rather long time......so IF I cross the finish line with IRCC I'm buying the book as my own little prize!

IRCC.....delayed just a bit

So WAR is coming to the Outlands in the form of Battlemoor........and although I don't actually go to war most years the majority of my household does.

This also means that my job as mistress of the robes for my baron and baroness has pushed right past IRCC in the OMG this has to be done now 'to-do list'.  The good news is I will be posting in the next week or two pictures of finished garments and construction of two full sets of 1400's Florentine garments....male and female....YEAH!

Bad news is that sewing on IRCC is at a standstill until after the 4th of July.....but the bright side is that since I decided to do a prototype of each of the garments I'm doing for IRCC I'll now have dual entries for said contest.