Thursday, April 26, 2012


After driving D and Helene crazy for a few days, trying to figure out my fabric choices for the wardrobe, I've decided I'm making this too complicated again (big surprise yes? LOL).  So I'll be focusing on just 5 major pieces for IRCC2, plus whatever bibs and bobs of accessories I can get through.  The overall look inspired by the drawing to the right.

So here they are;

Under-shift: white linen with ribbon trim

Stays; white linen with some lace maybe

Square neck camicia; white linen with gold lace

Sottana; red silk taffeta trimmed in gold

Dogressa's Coat; for this a picture will surpass a thousand words.....courtesy of my fav silk supplier Puresilks

  My ideas at the moment for accessories are a snow leopard zibi, a silk gaze partlet maybe with a small falling ruff, a gold and pearl girdle belt, pearl drop earrings, a pearl necklace with gold pave spacers, some new silk garters perhaps with tassels, a faux hair piece in a elaborate braided bun, a large feather fan, and if things go well a small hunting hat.

  I rather doubt that I'll get all of the above done.  However its good to aim high yes?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

IRCC we go

   So this year's goal for me for IRCC is an interchangeable Venetian wardrobe.  The idea being that I can dress fully as a lady or fully as a gent or someplace in between, and my mood and commitments for the day determine.

  Tonight I've gotten primary construction done on my first piece for the under shift.....a comfort layer for me since I do intend to wear a separate pair of stays.

  I will freely admit that I believe from my research that stiffened sottonas would be far more accurate for torso shaping and support.  However with my ever changing (at the moment shrinking) size I don't want to have to rely on the sottonas to hold up the ladies.  That path leads to constantly rebuilding my wardrobe and never being happy with the fit......(yeah been there before, just ask my mother) ;-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bits in progress from Helene's wardrobe

Ah yes sleeves, the jewelery of late period Italy