Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonight's Sewing Status/To-Do List ---- Yeah I know I'm mental

Gold Stripe gown; ready for wool hem guard and eyelets
Black and Silver Doublet; arms ripped out, pile of scrap linen waiting for me to cut the arm extensions
White Quilted dress; bodice assembled - need to add velvet ribbon to front, cut skirt, attach, and hem
Black Pinstripe dress; primary construction finished, needs shoulder ribbons and front ties
Grey over-gown; just needs 2 trouser hooks and decorative button
White Coat 1 (men's late 1400's overcoat); draft pattern, cut fur, and assemble
White Coat 2 (capaletto); fabric ready press need to modify pattern for 44" fabric

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MaddieLady said...

Insane. Good luck! And no I cant sleep. Too much excitement!