Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What of what to do with Pinkie

Venetian doublet gown
 Since I have decided that I CANNOT buy any more fabric other that utility stuff (linen interlining, eyelets, etc....) until I make gowns out of at least 85% of my current stash......I am endeavoring to decide what to to with the fabric from Pinkie (my very first venetian gown). The portrait to the left is what I would 'like' very much to do with the fabric.  However, to get the look right it would require three layers of garments.  Plus it is a much longer waistline than I have been doing of late.  Mainly because my weight keeps fluctuating, and it irritates me to be constantly altering my garments so they fit correctly.

Slightly higher waistline Venetian doublet gown

Option number #2 on the right here; is a slightly looser and higher waistline doublet style gown with a cartridge pleated waistline....Far less trim work would be involved to make this look happen.  I could spend my sewing time playing with the lovely falling ruff shown in the portrait.  An item might i add that isn't effected fit wise by weight loss or gain on my part.

  I would however still need to make a new set of stays that were longer to get the line....not to mention run the risk of a significant rebuild on the gown inside of a not ideal on that end.

Florentine gown

Option three is a high waistline Florentine gown with full loose cartridge pleated sleeves.  Almost exactly what I made for IRCC.....this look is all about accessories.....fur trimmed lower sleeves.....blackworked high neck camicia.....elaborate girdle belt.....and a small net balzo.....all things that are not affected by weight fluctuation.....however that being said.....I'm not stoked about a third very simple gown with the exact same neckline.....but it would not require a new set of stays.....and it would only take me about 20 hours to get the gown finished not including something to contemplate......


Pics from in the trenches - Part 2

Short Stays for Florentine Garb
So the next time I have someone say to me 'There is no way that a non-commercial bra can support my boobs, they're to big', I'm going to bring up this customer as an example. Hopefully I will shortly have some pictures of the lady herself sporting these stays.

But in the meantime let me give you the measurements of this customer to ponder;

Chest       52"
Ribcage   42"
Width of shoulder 16"

In modern lingerie sizes that would settle out to a 42-I

Pics from in the trenches

I've got waaaaay to many things to finish before Oct 15th but I thought I'd share some in progress pics;

 One of the in progress projects is and Edwardian/Gibson Girl Corset. The image to the left is the corset out of Corsets and Crinolines of the style I'm trying to emulate.
Here is my rendition of the pattern based on the customer's draping
Test run of Edwardian aka Gibson Girl corset

Above is the pattern that I drafted based on Ms Allie's draping.  To the left is the test run of the pattern made of extra fabric that I've had hanging around. Embroidered white linen lined in white silk habotai to be specific. Its not boned yet. Riptie and weed-wacker boning will be going in tonight.