Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IRCC update

 The first camicia for this project has the body seams done and the neck gathered. The second picture here shows that sort of....the fact that based on Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4 .....I'm doing a fuller gather in the front and back than I am over the shoulders.
 Also based on Patterns of Fashion 4 I have drafted a pair of drawers.  I'll post a picture of the pattern at some point.  But I've machine flat felled the body seams (first time I've tried machine flat felling) I'm gathering the body to a set waistband that will close with an eyelet in the front.  I've also got red bobbin lace for these.

Special thanks to the lovely lady at Semstress.org for the tutorial on flat felling. 
So this is the bodice for my 'petticoat' layer.  As such it won't have sleeves. I've decided to go with an earlier period style and cartridge pleat it instead of having a lower waisted roped petticoat.

This also allows me to reuse the fabric from an earlier dress that was on the rebuild pile. I've ripped it all back to raw yardage to do the rebuild.....so no worries it still qualifies for the challenge.  But I am really enjoying using up stuff from the in house fabric pile!

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