Monday, July 11, 2011

Yes!!! I really do NEED all those fittings I asked for

 So as some of you might have guessed, since HE Arion did not debut his new Florentine court garb at Battlemoor, I ran into some problems.  The problems basically boiled down to me 'guessing' on fit instead of actually getting to fit the doublet on Arion.  With this sort of highly tailored doublet and Arion's impressively broad shoulders......well guessing on fit ended with me up a creek and now I'm going to have to get creative with retro fitting.....anyways here are some pictures of it in process.....
 I have him trying it on inside out because I had one arms lining pinned.

 You can kinda tell from this shot where I started to go wrong with the sleeves on this.....the back seam shows that I set the sleeve in rotated forward to far by what ended up to be about 4".

In the picture on the right ------------------>
you can see how the over-rotation is twisting the fabric and constricting his has big shoulders and very muscular having his sleeves 'flex' with him is very important.

 But I am really happy with how the detail at the neck is sitting on him....its even spiffier right side out because we didn't quilt the neck inset so it shows up very nicely.

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