Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pics from in the trenches

I've got waaaaay to many things to finish before Oct 15th but I thought I'd share some in progress pics;

 One of the in progress projects is and Edwardian/Gibson Girl Corset. The image to the left is the corset out of Corsets and Crinolines of the style I'm trying to emulate.
Here is my rendition of the pattern based on the customer's draping
Test run of Edwardian aka Gibson Girl corset

Above is the pattern that I drafted based on Ms Allie's draping.  To the left is the test run of the pattern made of extra fabric that I've had hanging around. Embroidered white linen lined in white silk habotai to be specific. Its not boned yet. Riptie and weed-wacker boning will be going in tonight.

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