Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last nights accomplishments

Prepped my underdress bodice for pad lining after redrafting the pattern a bit.

Then finished the night off by dusting off my beading skills by making a pair of earrings and a strand of pearls. I never seem to get to accessories so I'm oddly most excited with these.

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Hastings Sanderson said...

Pretty. My pad-stitch is never anything I want to show anyone. It's functional and that is about all it has going for it, lol. I think the earrings and necklace are very exciting. I know that under most circumstances I am freaking out trying to get something wearable for an event and never get to the accessories or make a random accessory that doesn't go to anything in particular. There's something charming and almost decadent about made to match accessories. :)