Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IRCC2 Part 1: The Underpinnings

 The first layers of my IRCC2 entry.  In the first picture on the right. This picture focuses on the silk gaze partlette.
I decided to stick with a sleeveless back laced gown. I cartridge pleated the skirt with a smooth front.  This emulates the venetian gowns and will add fullness to the skirt of my overgown.
 Here is a shot that shows the side back lacing that I hand bound the eyelets.
 I'm wearing a thigh length camica that was pieced together with insertion stitch.
 I'm thinking to also wear this gown with an apron and a tighter sleeve camica for a more casual outfit.  The bottom two pictures really show off how dense cartridge pleating gives the skirt great movement.


Crystal aka Jaquelinne said...

That color is divine on you.

Lorna McKenzie said...

Lovely gown and work, I particularly like the narrow bodice straps.